Date for interview round to identify Lebanon's new prime minister


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The Lebanese Presidency announced on Monday that consultations will be held to determine the person to appoint the government.

According to the news in the Lebanese official agency NNA, President Michel Avn, Monday Baabda Palacewill receive representatives of political groups in parliament and independent deputies separately.

Avn will start the marathon with the prospective Movement leader and current Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and then accept former prime ministers Najib Mikati and Temmam Selami.

According to the program announced by the Presidency, Avn is scheduled to hold close to 30 talks on Monday.

On the other hand, after the Presidency's announcement, dozens of demonstrators stopped the traffic at the Ring Bridge in the capital, Beirut.

There was a melee between the demonstrators and the security forces who came to open the road.

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