Contact President Altun: Turkey's borders are the borders of NATO


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Contact President Fahrettin Altun, noting that NATO's borders in the borders of Turkey, reported that the terrorist threat facing Turkey should be considered as a threat for NATO.

Altun, the NATO Leaders Summit in London, followed by the Twitter account, he made assessments.

'' We repeat, will; Turkey's borders are the borders of NATO. '' Uses the phrase Fahrettin Altun, '' we are confronted with threats from multiple international terrorist groups, it should be considered as a threat against NATO. We should be on the same side as a simple issue to identify a terrorist organization. '

'Some of our allies have supported a terrorist organization that encompasses children, makes ethnic cleansing, forcibly dispels civilians, made propaganda and legitimized.' Altun said:

'' PKK / YPG should be treated as what it is, a criminal terrorist organization, a threat to regional and international security. Thanks to our Peace Spring Operation, nearly 400 thousand Syrians returned to their countries. Our military operations are not only aimed at combating terrorism, they create conditions for the safe return of Syrians and ensure security in the region. '

'NATO needs new strategy'

Fahrettin Altun pointed out that NATO needs a strategy that tackles the increasingly complex challenges of our time. We must accept this reality for a stronger alliance. '

On the other hand Altun, data on defense spending within the framework of Turkey's NATO bid also shared.

Accordingly, Turkey's defense spending increased by 53 percent in 5 years, reaching 1.89 per cent of gross national product.

Turkey Fahrettin record year 2024 will reach the target of 2 percent of NATO Altun, also stressed that Turkey's 1200 military is also involved in various NATO missions.

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