Constitutional Court of Peru refuses to imprison Keiko Fujimori again


LIMA (Sputnik) – The Constitutional Court of Peru (TC) decided to reject the request of the Judiciary to clarify and annul the decision to release the leader of the opposition Popular Force party (right), Keiko Fujimori, who served pretrial detention for alleged crimes in the Odebrecht case.

"The TC resolves to declare the request for clarification and others, made by the public prosecutor of the Judiciary (PJ)," said the agency in a resolution.

On December 3, attorney Marco Antonio Palomino, on behalf of the PJ, filed a request for the TC to clarify the way in which they obtained the sentence, in addition to requesting that it "be left without effect."
The TC, composed of seven members, met on December 4 and decided to dismiss the request with the vote of the four magistrates who were in favor of freeing Fujimori.

The PJ questioned that of those four votes that favored the opposition leader, one was not based on the same arguments as the rest, so the sentence would be observable or voidable.

The TC ruled in favor of releasing Fujimori on Monday 25, declaring a habeas corpus request appropriate.

The leader was released on Friday 29.

The Prosecutor's Office maintains that Fujimori would have incurred a crime of money laundering by receiving illicit money from Odebrecht to finance his campaign for the presidency in 2011.

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