Condemnation of 'ballistic missile trials' from 6 EU member states to North Korea


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Six member states of the European Union (EU) condemned the Pyongyang administration's 'provocative actions', stating that North Korea's ongoing ballistic missile trials are alarming.

United Nations Security Council (UNSC), North Korea's last discussed the missile trials on 28 November in a closed session.

UNSC member Britain, France, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Estonia, who will join the council next year, made a joint statement after the meeting, expressing deep concern about North Korea's ongoing ballistic missile trials and condemned the 'provocative actions' of the Pyongyang administration.

Joanna Wronecka, Permanent Representative to Poland, a temporary member of the Council, who made a joint statement on behalf of 6 EU member states, said that North Korea has made 13 ballistic missile trials since May and continues its nuclear program.

Wronecka, North Korea's missile trials, regional security and stability and international peace by jeopardizing the UN Security Council decisions violated said.

In a joint statement, North Korea was urged to continue meaningful negotiations with the US on nuclear disarmament, end missile trials and abandon weapons of mass destruction.

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