Comedy art sale for $ 4,000 + video, photo


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A wall-mounted banana was displayed as a work of art by an Italian artist and devoured by another artist.

Comedian's artwork is a simple piece that was displayed this week by pasting a banana purchased in Miami on the wall by Italian artist Maurizio Catlan at the Art Basel Miami Beach this week. The work, however, was removed and eaten by American artist David Dattona. "I love the work of Maurizio Catlan's art," Mr. Datona wrote in his Instagram post. I really love installing it on the wall. It's so delicious."

With the news of the sale of the comedy artwork, many went to the Miami Museum to take a commemorative photo.
The organizers of the unveiling say that two copies of this work, the comedian, are selling for about $ 5,000 (£ 4,000) each, and that the third version is said to have risen to $ 7,000 (£ 2,000). Is. Earlier, Kathleen had built a solid gold sequence that had recently been stolen from the Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

The director of the art gallery has also said that the value of a work of art is related to its idea. Bananas are an idea.
It has been reported that the work has a certificate, which means that its owners can replace the banana.

Many users do not find this idea an interesting idea and call it one of the most stylish Western-style money laundering. Some of these users argue that there is no boundary between stupidity and that human beings are turning to stupidity with increasing speed. Other users of the comic comment on this, some of them also commenting on the prevailing conditions in Iran, we are all David Daytona.

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