Colombia offers reward for murderers of elected mayor and Duque orders investigation


BOGOTA (Sputnik) – The Colombian police and the government of the department of Cundinamarca (center) offered a total reward of 50 million pesos ($ 14,282) to catch the murderers of the elected mayor of the municipality of Sutatausa, Jose Rodriguez, while President Ivan Duque ordered an investigation into the incident.

"We condemn the vile murder of Jose Rodriguez, elected mayor of Sutatausa, Cundinamarca. I have instructed the Colombian Ministry of Defense and Police to move forward quickly with the Prosecutor's Office in investigations that allow the capture of criminals," Duque said in his network account. Twitter social.

On December 2 at night when Rodriguez returned to his residence he was attacked by two men who shot him in the head; The mayor was taken to a hospital and then to a clinic but died due to the severity of the injuries.

After the assassination of the elected mayor, the governor of Cundinamarca, Jorge Rey, offered a reward of 20 million pesos for information on the authors of the CRIME, to which the department police and the Ministry of Defense added another 30 million.
"All information is vital. We call for citizen cooperation," Rey said in his Twitter account.

Dozens of lawmakers from the Radical Change party (right) expressed regret over the attack on Rodriguez, who was supposed to take office on January 1, and asked the authorities more firmly to avoid further deaths.

"I deeply regret the murder of the elected mayor of Sutatausa Jose H. Rodriguez. Murders continue to social leaders, authorities must deliver immediate and forceful results, impunity cannot win in the country, we must unite for peace," deputy Erwin Arias urged Betancur

Until this Wednesday afternoon there was no public information on the progress of the investigations or indications of the attackers.

According to a report by the United Nations Organization (UN) released in early November, since January 63 social leaders were killed, mostly human rights defenders, as well as seven candidates in the pre-election period for departmental and local elections from October 27.
The report also highlighted the killing of indigenous leaders in the southwest of the country.

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