CNews takes the defense of Zemmour and will seize the Council of State against the decision of the CSA


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After Zemmour's comments on the colonization of Algeria in the show Face a l'info on October 23, CNews was put in abeyance by the CSA. But the channel decided to seize the Council of State, considering that this sanction was "unjustified" and "contrary to the principles of the freedom of expression".

The news channel CNews, which belongs to the Canal + group, has decided to seize the Council of State following its formal notice by the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) Tuesday, December 3. This sanction was imposed in response to the controversial Éric Zemmour, during the show Face a l'info on 23 October, in which he declared himself "on the side" of General Bugeaud, when he "arrives in Algeria "and" begins to slaughter Muslims and even some Jews ".

Canal +, in a statement issued December 3, opposed the decision of the CSA, saying that the debate proposed during the show "respected the ideas and opinions of the two opponents", conceding however that some remarks had been "Hitting, shocking or worrying". The audiovisual group considers this formal notice "unjustified" and "contrary to the principles of freedom of expression" and has indicated its intention to seize the Council of State, evoking an "abuse of power".

The gendarme of the audio-visual one affirmed that the remarks of Zemmour of October 23 "could be perceived" like "a legitimization of violence committed in the past against people of muslim confession, while condemning the chain for having diffused live these words, "without reaction or even moderation" from the host, Christine Kelly.

"I will not defend the massacres of Bugeaud"

The day after the show, Thursday, October 24, Eric Zemmour had felt that his words had been taken out of context. The French writer and essayist recalled that he had mentioned General Bugeaud by trying to explain the assimilation to France which, according to him, requires to look at the history of France from the point of view of it.

"My ancestors were in Algeria when Bugeaud arrived. He wants to conquer the country, he makes war: or we massacre, or we are massacred. The tribe of my ancestors fought the French, so I will not defend the Bugeaud massacres, "he said.

At the end of October, CNews had decided not to broadcast its live broadcast program, but with a delay of 30 minutes, following a proposal by the Canal + Group Ethics Committee.

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