Clashes between Shiites and police resume in central Beirut


Supporters of the Shiite parties made another attempt to attack the demonstrators in the Place des Martyrs in the heart of the Lebanese capital. Police have pushed the attackers back to the Ring Bridge, where clashes continue, a participant in a peaceful demonstration on the ground told Sputnik.

Supporters of Shiite parties attacked the area surrounding Martyrs Square in central Beirut on Saturday to participants in peaceful anti-power demonstrations that began on October 17, a protester there told Sputnik.

“Supporters of the Shiite parties throw stones at the riot police and shoot firecrackers at us. The police responded with tear gas, forcing the attackers to retreat. The Shiites were finally driven out of the peaceful demonstration, "said the agency’s interlocutor.

Police pushed the troublemakers into Shiite neighborhoods adjacent to central Beirut. For their part, the young attackers divide into groups and try to bypass the police lines to continue throwing stones at the police.

A few brigades of doctors arrived, and care was given to a police officer struck with a large stone on the back. Residents of the neighborhoods in which the young Shiites have sought refuge have demanded that the police no longer use tear gas, which city dwellers suffer from in their apartments.

On Friday, the head of the powerful Shiite Hezbollah movement, Hassan Nasrallah, appealed for calm to his supporters. He urged them to be "restrained" and not to start unrest that he said had nothing to do with the orders and position of the Shia parties.

Protest against political class continues

Similar incidents have already taken place in the capital and other cities in Lebanon. The anti-power protest in Lebanon is generally taking place calmly, but in recent weeks, clashes have multiplied.

Under pressure from the street, Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned on October 29, but popular protest continued in a country on the brink of economic collapse. In early October, Lebanese President Michel Aoun said the state was suffering from the blockade and economic sanctions.

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