Christmas in advance: mess in Marseille around a too generous vending machine


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Saturday, December 7, a vending machine from the Savings Bank that issued twice the amount requested has wreaked havoc in Marseille, in the district of Merlan, reports La Provence.

A cash dispenser from the Caisse d'Epargne located on the Avenue du Merlan in Marseille has not skimped by distributing twice as much money as the customers asked. A queue quickly formed on Saturday, December 7th.

"You typed 20, he was distributing 40. It was like that since the beginning of the afternoon. A crazy thing! ", Told La Provence a young man who watched the scene a good part of the day.

A great crowd

Very quickly, the information was rumored and curious rushed to the scene. When the police arrived, "it was almost a riot".
One witness told the media that people were fighting for access to the distributor until they were about a hundred eagerly waiting for their turn.

A technician puts the ATM out of order

It took several crews of public security officials to bring calm. A technician could be reached, and finally came to put the dispenser out of use.

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