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CHP Group Vice President Ozgur Ozel criticized the attitude of AK Party lawmakers regarding President Erdoğan's vetoing of the law on postponing the installation of filters for thermal power plants.

CHP Group Vice President Contact Ozgur directlyHeld a press conference in the Turkish Grand National Assembly. AK Party MPs criticized President Erdoğan for vetoing the arrangement in which they voted.

Custom used the following expressions:

"AK Party, those who know that the AK Party's parliamentary group, the party governing the party in the form of the competent authorities all one morning Recep Tayyip Erdogan and '2 times 2 equals 5' course will make the AK Party group explanation, 'Kerrat ruled the error' Naci Bostancı admits that the AK Party group does not have the right to choose the right situation in the event of a decision, which raises the finger that the group deputy raises, which raises the legislative task, but which is completely dependent on the conscience, form and brain. We complain to the voters of the AK Party, its chiefs and the parliamentary group in this ambivalent situation. "

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