Chilean communist leader dismisses the social crisis being fed from outside


SANTIAGO (Sputnik) – The Chilean Government's claim that the social crisis is promoted from abroad is ridiculous and offends citizens, the president of the Communist Youth of Chile, Camilo Sanchez, told Sputnik.

"The Government has not even understood, after all the evidence, what is the nature of the conflict in this country and continues to say that the crisis is driven from abroad, which is ridiculous," said Sanchez.

The leader criticized the statements of Foreign Minister Teodoro Rivera, in which he said that the Executive is investigating a supposed foreign participation in the multiple citizen demonstrations that have been going on for more than a month.
Sanchez said he questioned that people do not have the capacity to discern on their own and the "feeling of rejection of injustice that prevails in the population" is unknown.
"The foreign minister underestimates the Chilean people and challenges his intellectual capacity, it is important to clarify that this movement is only and exclusively of the Chileans, but the Government instead of addressing social measures, seeks responsible abroad and gives police powers for more repression, "he said.

What Rivera and President Sebastian Pinera are looking for with these accusations is "unleashing intelligence actions and intensifying police repression, to criminalize the sectors of the country that most bother them, such as the Communist Party," said the political leader.

Mike Pompeo

Sanchez also referred to the statements of the Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, who reported that his Government will support Chile and the countries in Latin America that are under protests to prevent "Cuba and Venezuela from sequestering the movements."

"Although it is said that in the Latin American protests there is Venezuelan, Cuban and Russian interference, with the words of Pompeo we realize that the only intervention is that of the United States," he said.

He also explained that Chile must condemn the statements of the Secretary of State, "you cannot allow a government with economic interests in our country to make statements like that."

Rivera said at a press conference that they had detected an excessive Internet traffic at the beginning of the social outbreak in Chile, coming from "a country in Eastern Europe," and reported that there is investigation into interference with the protests.
Chile is the scene of political and social tension since the mobilizations initiated on October 14 against a rise of 30 pesos (less than one dollar) in the price of the Santiago Metro ticket, which days later was canceled by President Pinera.

The protests did not abate, covered other social claims and took a much more intense look, which included fires, destruction of several subway stations and dozens of demonstrations in various parts of Chile with marches and cacerolazos.

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