Charge an ISIS detainee after her return from Turkey to Ireland


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Irish police charged a woman linked to the Islamic State terror group on Wednesday on suspicion of terrorist crimes three days after her arrest after returning from Turkey to Dublin.

Police did not provide details of the charges against Lisa Smith, an Irish citizen who had moved to Turkey from Syria and denies involvement in any activity related to terrorism, according to the agency "Reuters".
Smith, 38, is due to appear in court later on Wednesday, police said in a statement.

Ireland agreed to take back Smith and her two-year-old daughter after Ankara began deporting foreign nationals linked to ISIS last month.

Turkey says it has arrested 287 insurgents in northeastern Syria, where Turkish forces launched an offensive against the Syrian Kurdish YPG last month, and are holding hundreds of suspected militants.

Dublin has been saying for months that it is responsible for Smith's return to Ireland, but police may be in a position to charge her after her return. She was arrested on Sunday at Dublin airport.

Prime Minister Leo Faradkar said the government's main focus was on the safe return of her daughter. Police said the girl was now being cared for by relatives.

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