Cemal Ozturk from the AK Party: We do not consult with the President and inform him


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Extending the time given for the installation of thermal power plants to filter the signature of the AK Party deputy Cemal Ozturk, "I participate in the rationale of sending the Presidency. We consult the President everything, do not inform everything. This is contrary to the nature of the goods," he said.

The law, which extended the exemption of filters to thermal power plants and vetoed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was again discussed at the TGNA Plan and Budget Commission.

CHP Kuşoğlu: Vetoing is not abnormal, but this has injured the TGNA

CHP Ankara Deputy who took the floor on the return Contact Bulent directlyvetoing a law is not abnormal, he said.

Kuşoğlu, “This time, the return was injured by the TGNA. This was included in the proposal by a final proposal. Consideration, examination, discussion, talk, law proposals should not be added to the article. Problems with the reputation of the TGNA may arise”He said.

HDP İzmir MP Murat ÇepniHe added that more interlocutors should be consulted on issues that could cause irreparable damage to such critical human health issues.

MHP Konya Deputy Contact Mustafa directlyjudged from a legal point of view, there is no point in bringing the veto to different places. AyThe President has the authority to partially or completely return the laws. The authority is again in Parliament. This repatriation shows that the balance control mechanism between the legislative and executive functions" said.

GOOD Party Deputy of Ankara View Durmuş's Full ProfileStating that this proposal will not come here without the knowledge of the President, “We said it wasn't right, and we still say it. What we said at first, now we say it. We're standing where we are. Article 50 should be removedKul he said.

CHP Ali Ozturk: ​​President had news from the beginning

Undersigned AK Party Deputy Giresun Cemal Ozturkargued that President Erdoğan did not know about the arrangement. Ozturk, said:

"The President sent it back using his authority. However, discretion belongs to the TGNA. This matter was born of a necessity, as we all know. Because these measures have not been taken for nearly 7.5 years. A need for energy. In order to realize this need, these plants should continue to work, but harm to human life and nature. As of December 31, a new period was introduced. As a result, I participate in the reason for the repatriation of the Presidency. Although we know this, we have made such an offer of necessity. We do not consult with the President and inform him of everything. Contrary to the nature of this article".

CHP Deputy of Kahramanmaraş Example: Ali Ozturkthanked the President for his veto. Ozturk, “Mr. President had been aware of this arrangement from the beginning. A member of parliament, this regulation was the basis for passing. I'm telling you as someone who's been in these contacts.”.

After the completion of the negotiations on the whole permit, the 50th item was removed from the bid, extending the time given for the installation of filters to the thermal power plants.

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