'Cem Ozdemir in Germany, may be the prime minister of the Greens'


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Baden-Wurttemberg State Chancellor Winfried Kretschmann said that the Green party of Cem Ozdemir may be a candidate for prime minister in the upcoming elections.

According to DW Turkish, Baden-Wurttemberg State Chancellor Winfried Kretschmann, who gave an interview to the German Editorial Network (Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland), Example: Cem Ozdemir'S next elections, the party said the Greens could be a candidate for prime minister.

"We are absolutely capable of government"Kretschmann"Of course we have personalities that can become prime ministerKretschmann said the party's co-chairs, Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock, or their predecessor, Cem Ozdemir, were no worse than the other prime minister candidates.

Kretschmann said that the former co-chairman and MP of the Greens party, Ozdemir, is a talented politician with a remarkable resume. Ets From being a child of the guest worker family to the presidency of the Greens, this is already a remarkable distance and a great source of courage for many people, Kr Kretschmann said.

Stating that Cem Ozdemir is an excellent orator and a politician who knows about the issues he deals with, Kretschmann said:We need to make sure that such talents don't stay in a stream or deal with other things."

Stating that his party does not have an abundance of executive personnel, Kretschmann said:So I'm discussing with others that we should keep Cem Ozdemir on radar."

In the German public opinion, Kretschmann had previously voiced support for Habeck's candidacy for prime minister, and the news gathered in the Greens on the grounds that Baerbock's candidacy for prime minister was ignored.

Green Party deputy Cem Ozdemir had nominated his party's parliamentary group co-chairmanship in September, but had not been elected.

Elections in 2021

In Germany, the general elections to determine the members of the Bundestag will be held on October 24, 2021. The parties have nominated the prime minister before the elections, but the candidate has no binding force in terms of the official election law. In Germany, the prime minister is elected not by the people, but by members of parliament. At the same time, the prime minister has great political significance for the candidate voter. Cem Ozdemir, the prime minister if elected, is meant to be a prime minister of Turkey origin for the first time in Germany.

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