Boy in Frankfurt in front of ICE encountered: Procuratorate does not classify the act as a murder


In the case of the deadly attack on a boy at the Frankfurt main station in July 2019, the prosecutor's office according to media reports, not from murder, but from a manslaughter. The preliminary investigation is nearing completion.

The trial of the alleged perpetrator is expected to start in 2020, when exactly, is still unknown, said a spokeswoman for the authorities on Wednesday.

The man was not charged with murder because he was considered mentally ill and unable to pay, reported the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". Instead, his placement in a psychiatric ward is requested. An application had already been sent to the court, it was said. The spokeswoman of the Frankfurt public prosecutor's office initially did not want to confirm this information.

Also the portal "Focus" reports on it and writes that the public prosecutor's office does not classify the violent death of an eight-year-old boy at the Frankfurt main station in July 2019 as murder, but as manslaughter. This is stated in the Authority's application of 28 November 2019. The paper states that the alleged perpetrator killed a person "without being a murderer."

The lawyer, who represents the parents of the killed child, is said to have already reacted in horror after "Focus." "It was a treacherous murder!", The portal quotes him.

He noted the classification of the prosecutor's office "with great astonishment and can not understand it".

"If someone pushes his victim from behind with a run-up in front of an arriving train, then this is a classic insidious murder. Classically it does not work at all ", so Warncke.

Track attack in Frankfurt

In July, a man in Frankfurt shoved an eight-year-old boy and his mother into an arriving ICE at the central station. The boy died in the track bed, the mother was able to save herself at the last moment. The suspect Eritrean had also attacked an elderly woman. She could get to safety without falling into the track area. The attacker lived since 2006 in Switzerland and landed first in custody. He is under urgent suspicion of murder and double attempted murder. He is in a psychiatric hospital.

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