Boris Johnson: the United Kingdom will leave the EU by January 31


LONDON (Sputnik) – The British Conservative leader, Boris Johnson, held the "irrefutable and undisputed" verdict in favor of Brexit that the electorate pronounced in the legislative of December 12, which has ensured its continuity in front of the Government and the impending withdrawal of the European Union.

"We will finish Brexit on time, before January 31, without conditions, without buts, without perhaps leaving the European Union as one United Kingdom. Regain control of our law … money, our trade, the immigration system. Fulfill the entire democratic mandate of the people, "said Boris Johnson in his speech after the electoral victory.

"It seems that this conservative government of 'a nation' has received a new and powerful mandate to execute Brexit, unite the country and move forward," added the president 'tory'.

The Conservative Party of Boris Johnson has obtained a large absolute majority in the legislative elections, which opens the way for activate without obstacles your Brexit plan.
The Labor suffered their worst defeat since 1935 and ended the night with 203 deputies, a deficit of 59 compared to 2017.
Jeremy Corbyn confirmed his intention to give up the leadership after a "reflection process" on the direction that progressive training should take, which turned sharply to the left under his command.

Momentum, the grassroots movement created around Corbyn, showed signs of its determination to maintain a radical position and program.

"It is unquestionable that Labor policies are popular and all polls indicate that there is no appetite to return to the old centrist strategy," said the national coordinator, Laura Parker, in a note sent to Sputnik.

The so-called "red wall" of Labor districts in northeast Wales and northern England, who voted for the Brexit in the European referendum, they turned blue in the biggest conservative victory since 1987, when Margaret Thatcher reaffirmed herself on Downing Street.
Emblematic figures of Labor fell, such as Dennis Skinner, the 87-year-old former who has held the English seat of Bolsover since 1970.
Johnson recognized the traditional Labor voter who turned his back on the leftist party in disgust at his ambiguous position against Brexit or by antipathy towards Corbyn.

"You may have given us the vote, that you don't see yourself as a natural tory, but (…) I will never take your support for the bullfighter," said the reconfirmed prime minister.

The conservative leader wants to lead a "government of the people," according to the new post-election slogan, open to all ideological trends.

Its priority will be the ratification of the EU Withdrawal Agreement to execute Brexit on January 31, 2020.

Then the second great phase of the EU separatist process will begin, with the negotiation on the relationship that London and Brussels will maintain after the transition period, currently set within a year.
In the distribution of votes, and in the absence of the results of a district, the conservatives obtained 43.6% (an increase of 1.2% compared to 2017); Labor, 32.2% (-7.8%); lib-dem, 11.5% (+ 4.1%); Green, 2.7% (+ 1.1%).
The Nigel Farage Brexit Party, with 2% of votes, stayed out of Westminster under the majority system that particularly punishes minority groups.

The prime minister could convene the Westminster Parliament this week and present the legislative agenda for the ratification of the European Union Withdrawal Agreement with a view to formalizing the constitutional divorce on January 31, 2020.

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