Bolivia will eliminate export restrictions


LA PAZ (Sputnik) – The de facto government of Bolivia will eliminate in the coming days all export restrictions, most of them implemented by the administration of the deposed president Evo Morales who gave priority to the domestic market, announced the Minister of Productive Development, Wilfredo Red.

"They are going to be released all, absolutely all (the sectors), that is, forget about the ghost of exports," Rojo told reporters, as quoted by the state news agency ABI.

The announcement of the release of exports was immediately greeted by the business leader of Santa Cruz (east) Mariano Aguilera, who highlighted the opening of the de facto Government of Jeanine Anez to the requirements of the private productive sector, in contrast to the attitude of Morales administration.

The Red Minister considered wrong the policy of the previous Government that put limits on exports with the argument that it should first guarantee the provision to the domestic market of products such as sugar, soy and derivatives, and beef, among others.

"In addition to boosting domestic demand, (the liberation of exports) leaves us with longer-term multiplier effects … there was never supply problems when there was free export, we are an abnormal country prohibiting export," he said. Red.

The control of exports, to ensure the attention of domestic demand, was repeatedly pointed out by the Morales Government as one of the keys to inflation control.

That policy "will remain in the past," said Red, ensuring that the decree of "total release" of exports will be issued within ten days.
The businessman Aguilera, president of the sugar mill Guabira, the largest in the country, agreed that export promotion would also favor the domestic market.

"With resolution Wilfredo Rojo in a matter of 40 minutes the resolution came out (to export sugar) that cost us so much and that is how the government has to be, it has to be a facilitator," Aguilera told reporters in Santa Cruz, according to local media .

He added that the agribusinesses of Santa Cruz also trust that the Government of Anez, despite its transitory nature, will take other far-reaching measures such as greater openness to agricultural biotechnology.

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