Bold: The Syrian case becomes a theater for proxy wars in the region


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Presidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalın, the Syrian issue turned into a theater for proxy wars, drawing attention to any national agenda in Syria before the Syrian people should be prioritized, he said.

Thick, Trainheld in Doha başkent19th Doha ForumHe spoke at the panel on Syria.

Kalin pointed out that the problems caused by the civil war that lasted for 8 years in Syria have grown steadily. "The Syrian file has become a theater for proxy wars in the region".

Kalin stressed that the Syrian crisis caused many international problems such as terrorism and refugee crisis, and that too much coordination was needed to cope with these problems. For the future of the Syrian people, we need to find a way to produce another solution to be hopeful, "he said.
Turkey is no Syrians that country to involuntary way to return or forcing them into an area where not, Bold said that sustain these principles, the United Nations regarding voluntary return to their country of Syrians (UN) reported General Secretary Antonio Guterres and doing interviews with UNHCR.

Askeri Military action in Idlib could lead to another migration trend ’

Idlib referring to the issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a phone call two days ago, reminiscent of the bold, he said:

"We believe that any military action will have a very negative impact and will lead to another migration trend. This will put more pressure on both us and the Europeans. So this issue cannot be solved by itself. it will be part of a greater political consensus, so the political process is crucial. "

In this context, Kalın drew attention to the fact that the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee is very important and should be supported by all.

Spokesman Kalın commented that if the Committee did some work and produced some binding documents with the support of the international committee under the roof of the UN, a situation in which the Syrian people went to the polls inside and outside could be raised.

‘No one is interested in the change of the regime in Syria and no longer enough pressure to go to the Assad regime, Kal emphasizing Kalın, said the last game here will go through the political process.

Kalin criticized that the international community has failed not only to support Syrians but also to find no political solution to the solution of the problem.

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