Bloomberg, one of the Democratic presidential candidates in the United States, 'trying to buy the elections' responded to the claims


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Billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg, one of the Democratic nominees who participated in the 2020 presidential election race in the USA, made a statement regarding the allegations that he was trying to buy the elections.

Bloomberg, On American CBS television he responded to allegations that his democratic rivals wanted to buy elections for him.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders Democratic candidates such as Bloombergsaid:

"I'm not buying anything. I'm just doing the same thing they did using my own money. They use others' money, and those who give it are expecting something from them. No one gives you money without an expectation. I don't want to be bought".

Bloomberg said that he did not come from a wealthy family, that he did not start an advantageous life and that the company he founded worked for an extraordinary success. "What's wrong with that? They're criticizing me. They had such a chance. Why didn't they? They could go and make money. How much of their money do they spend on the election campaign?"

Bloomberg has spent $ 59 million so far

Elizabeth Warren accused Bloomberg of buying the elections, while Bernie Sanders claimed that Bloomberg spent billions to buy the US instead of buying a luxury car.

Bloomberg was the last candidate to run for president.

According to US media reports, Bloomberg recently spent $ 59 million for the presidential race.

So far, 13 of the Democratic candidates have withdrawn from the presidential race, and 15 are running for the election campaign.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders remain popular among Democratic nominees.

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