Australia: 'The fire is so destructive that we may never find thousands of dead koala'


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The emergency session on the size of fires that burn millions of hectares of land in Australia revealed the damage to natural life. Ecologists said that a single part of the thousands of koala who died in the fire may not be found.

Ongoing fires in Australia seriously harm natural life, while the most affected by the disaster New South Wales an emergency parliamentary session was held to discuss the impact of koala population and habitat.

Ecologist from the Nature Conservation Board Mark Graham, koalas can not move fast enough to get rid of the rapidly spreading flames, he noted.

Graham, “The flames are spreading so hot and so fast that the number of animals that die on the trees is considerable. A very large area is still on fire, and we will probably never even find the lifeless bodies of animals biz said.
Graham said the loss was enormous, and it would be inevitable to see a continuing decline in koala population after this point.

'We are desperate now'

Doctor of Bilim Science for Wildlife Doktor Kellie Leigh criticized the lack of resources and plans to protect animals against fires.

Leigh, Uz We learn a lot from this, and that shows how unprepared we are. There is no procedure or protocol available. Even wildlife defenders do not follow a protocol when they go to intervene in a fire. We are desperate now ” used the phrase.

Hundreds of koalas have been killed in the Blue Mountains in the state of New South Wales. at least 2 thousand is estimated to be. Officials said that the koala population one-third transfers.

About 90 points across the state are still under fire, with at least half of them under control.

The country, which is currently in the summer season, caused fires in the dried bushes due to the drought that occurred in the last three years.

Authorities say six people were killed in fires this season, and a total of An area of ​​more than 2 million hectares explaining that the ash, 680 houses in the state was destroyed.

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