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The Police Office of the Hautepierre district in Strasbourg was vandalized on the night of Sunday 8 to Monday 9 December. The police found a letter to intimidate them.

On Monday, December 9, the police station of the Hautepierre district in Strasbourg was the target of vandalism. The perpetrators burned the street sign and intercom of the police station, located on boulevard Victor Hugo, and left a letter of threats, revealed Latest News from Alsace. The union Alternative Police has published the letter and a photo of these degradations and calls for a "firm sanction".

Written in a haphazard orthography, the letter signed "the direction of the neighborhood" enjoins the police to "take care of their business" under penalty of reprisals. "You will stop bothering us, otherwise you will pay dearly" threaten the "thugs", who conclude by "New Year's attention is close" (sic).

This is the first attempt at intimidation at the police station in Hautepierre, where work "about fifteen" officials, said Sylvain Andre, delegate of this union, quoted by the Alsatian newspaper. "This is part of a national climate of threats to the police," he lamented.

An investigation has been opened and will be conducted by the Departmental Directorate to identify the perpetrators of these acts.

Threatened police

Threats to law enforcement have become more frequent since the beginning of December. A policeman from Val-de-Marne was attacked by a man on a scooter on his way home, also on Monday. The previous Saturday, a BAC officer had discovered the letters "suicide cop, half-forgiven" and "ACAB" tagged on the door of his home, while several CRS had received threatening letters home on the first day mobilization against the pension reform, Thursday, December 5.

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