Astronomical Price of Tomatoes in Different Cities of Iran + Photos


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Cherry tomatoes are offered in some fine shops at a price of 4,000 tomans.

According to Sputnik, images of the price of some tomato samples in Iranian lactation stores are being published by users on social pages, which have received mixed reactions.

Many users complain about the unrest in Iran and the impact of gasoline on most goods. A group of users are astonished by the sale of tomatoes at such an astronomical price, and say that many who buy a tomato for $ 6,000 have many, many people struggling to make ends meet. These users believe that in Iran the incomes are Somalia's, the costs are New York's and the African tribal's living standards. A group of users have confirmed this, even though they are not buying from the hypermarket, but have bought the tomatoes at a price of 5,000 tomans. This group of users believe that the people themselves are raising the prices and expensive that they are willing to pay several times more for their desired purchase.

But some users say cherry tomatoes are more expensive than other tomatoes around the world, and even in fruit and vegetable fields, this 1,000-pound tomato is sold to shopkeepers, while tomatoes are always more expensive this season.

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