Arrest the landlord for murder and arson


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Milas's Gazipaşa-Firuzpaşa neighborhood in recent days in relation to a fire in a residence of two people were detained one woman. The woman, the host of the suspects, was arrested for murder and arson.

MuğlaMilas district, Gazipaşa-Firuzpaşa neighborhood Dutluharım street in the house belonging to M.B.'ye on December 2 at 3:00 am Yuksel Semerci lost his life while living in the fire, H.S. and Y.T. he was wounded.

Initiating an investigation on the subject, the security forces found that the fire was intentionally removed.

Detained under investigation host M. B. and Y. T., who was wounded, was transferred to the courthouse after the police interrogation process ended.

In the court, Y.T. and M. B. was arrested.

In the course of the investigation, the persons interviewed stated that the deceased Yuksel Semerci and the host M. B. had been debated because of the creditor.

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