Argentine Ambassador to Russia: relations between the two countries will continue to grow


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The commercial ties between Russia and Argentina will continue to grow during the Government of Alberto Fernandez, who will assume the position of president of the South American country on December 10, Argentine Ambassador to Moscow Ricardo Lagorio said in an interview with Sputnik .

"Day by day the relationship grows and with the new Government, which assumes next Tuesday (December 3), will continue to grow, there is no reason not to grow, (…) because the foundations are very strong , so I have no doubt that we will continue to grow in quality, in quantity and, as I have always said, in diversification, "said Lagorio at the Argentine Day fair in the Central Market of Moscow.

Speaking about the measures Argentina is taking to increase exports to Russia, the ambassador said that it is about cooperation between the Government and the private sector.

"It is a mix between the government and the private sector; the Argentine Government does not sell anything, what it does is to have embassies and allow them to make a very active propaganda (…) promoting products, and then it is up to the next private sector and sells products, "explained the diplomat.

He stressed that "it is a good synergy between a State, an embassy, ​​a Foreign Ministry, the very active, productive state economic sector and a private sector that then has to come to present their products and compete, sometimes with greater or lesser luck" .

The diplomat also told Sputnik that Argentina not only wants to expand the presence of national goods in Russia, but seeks to diversify its exports and introduce new products such as dried fruits, olive oil, olives, sweets and cheeses.

At the beginning of last October, Argentine Foreign Secretary Gustavo Rodolfo Zlauvinen also highlighted in statements to Sputnik the increase in trade between Argentina and Russia that already exceeds 1,200-1,300 million dollars.

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