American professor explained why Russia showed Avant-garde missile system to US


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Professor from Columbia University in New York, USA. Robert Legvold said that the demonstration of the new supersonic missile system Avant-garde to American inspectors is an indication of Russia's goodwill, and that Moscow is trying to push Washington to extend the New START agreement.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced last week that the new supersonic missile system Avangard was shown to American inspectors.

Speaking at the meeting of the International Luxembourg Forum in Geneva, Legvold said, “I think Moscow's initiative aims to increase US interest in extending the New START agreement. Because without this agreement, the parties will not be able to control each other's nuclear ammunition, including the Avant-garde systems. ”

But the expert says that this initiative is a big question mark. Im I doubt that. I don't think the Americans would say, ‘This is really a good reason to keep the deal.. Although the main opponents of the new START (former US National Security Advisor) John Bolton and some of his colleagues have long been dismissed from the administration, I look pessimically at the prospect of prolonging the agreement ” used the phrase.

The role of the domestic policy factor on this issue is increasing, Legvold said, presidential elections will be held in the United States next year, President Donald Trump's Democratic Party opponents are definitely in favor of the extension of the New START agreement, he said.

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