America is the root of all tensions


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Iran's deputy secretary of state for political affairs said that members of the US Joint Commission on the Brotherhood are at the root of the tensions in Brjam.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran Seyed Abbas Arakchi said to reporters after the end of the 14th meeting of the Joint Commission on Brigades held in Vienna on Friday that all members confirmed that the United States had taken root. The tensions are in the brink.

He added: "All members emphasized that without Iran's consent, this international agreement cannot be continued."

Iraqi also described the meeting as useful for his first meeting with Rafael Grossi, the new Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), shortly after the meeting of the Brotherhood Joint Commission, and said: "It was a good meeting to start."

"The new Director General of the Agency stressed that the former cooperation of this international body with Iran should be maintained," he added.

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