Amal Movement: There are serious attempts for Hariri to return to the premiership


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Ayoub Hamid, a member of the Lebanese parliament affiliated with the Amal Movement, said that in principle there are serious attempts to return Prime Minister Saad Hariri to the premiership.

"If this is not possible, no one should take into account the aspirations of Prime Minister Hariri, his political team and what is represented in the field, in order to prevent any repercussions that may affect internal stability and lead to the unfortunate consequences," he told Sputnik.
He pointed out that "one of the names in circulation to the time is the person of Mr. Samir al-Khatib, a man with a moral and social position and a successful businessman, and therefore I appreciate the direction is named, but this issue remains until the time waiting for what will carry hours ahead."

Regarding the nature of the next government, Hamid said, "From our point of view, the government should be a university that represents the spectrums of the Lebanese reality and its parliamentary blocs and be inlaid. There are fundamental forces produced by the previous parliamentary elections and it is difficult to have a government of technocrats at all. Parliamentary consultations before this period, we are in this direction to say that the government must be politically grafted and technocrats.

He pointed out that "there are different opinions in the so-called movement on the street, and although we appreciate the slogans and tendencies put right by the previous governments had to pay attention to them without waiting for the scream in the street today, so there must be respect for the other opinion, do not underestimate Those who gather in the streets, but at the same time there must be respect for the other opinion and at the same time the parliament expresses multiple streets must also be respected. "

The Lebanese MP said that we can not say that the causes of the economic crisis is not only immediate and we must not miss at all that there is a kind of blockade on Lebanon because of what he presented to the Arab issues and the question of Palestine and the cause of the liberation of southern Lebanon.

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