"After Scholz the deluge": AfD budget boss to the "financial error" Black Zero


For months, the "financial phantom" of the black zero haunts German media. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants less investment and less debt. Budget policy leader Peter Boehringer (AfD) judges in the Sputnik interview on the weekend at the AFD party congress "unserious financial policy". "SPD has given Scholz Watschen."

"The black zero is in truth no black zero," said Peter Boehringer (AFD), chairman of the Budget Committee in the Bundestag opposite Sputnik at the AfD party conference in Braunschweig last weekend. "I've already explained that in two Bundestag speeches this week."

Then he made his criticism of the SPD-led Ministry of Finance under Olaf Scholz more concrete:

"His policy is completely dubious," said the AfD budget politician in an interview. "On the expenditure side, Scholz has not stopped many positions." In addition, there are too many "risks that belonged set. These are not taken into account in any way. There are even risks on the revenue side because it includes the solidarity surcharge, which will be legally reclaimed. "

The Bavarian AfD politician and financial expert Boehringer named the following background:

"Economically successful coal-fired power plant operators will demand many billions of euros – and that is probably successful. But: That's just what comes to Scholz. After him the deluge, I said that in the Bundestag. But the consequences will only come much later. That's why Scholz is not interested in today. "

New SPD duo and the defeat of Olaf Scholz

On the weekend when the AfD met in Braunschweig, the SPD ended its months-long search for a new leadership duo. In the end Scholz defeated together with Klara Geywitz against the new SPD duo Norbert Walter-Borjans and Saskia Esken.

"Now he was also abgewatscht at the SPD membership election," said Boehringer. "But that will not bring about the new elections anyway. But of course the SPD is further weakening it, because now they finally have a duo that officially says, 'We want to get out of the Grand Coalition.' But in practice they stay in there. This, of course, is highly implausible and will drive the SPD towards single-digit election results. "

Black Zero: "Deception and Dizziness"

Shortly after her election on the weekend as designated SPD chairman, Walter Borjans and Esken announced "a clear decision" in matters of black zero. "They want to give up the balanced Federal budget in favor of further investments", writes the "Suddeutsche Zeitung" in a recent article entitled: "The government must learn to make debt".

On Monday, the Union parliamentary group vice president in the Bundestag, Carsten Linnemann (CDU), gave the opposition – including the AfD faction – a "clear rejection", because it calls for weeks to renegotiate the Black Zero.

At the end of November, Boehringer – together with Bernd Baumann, Parliamentary Director of the AFD Group – criticized Scholz's zero-black policy at a press conference in the Bundestag. "The present budget law is not a reflection of reality," said the AfD financial politician. "The government is still suppressing huge risks. You work with deception, with labeling and dizziness. The government still benefits from a historically unique special effect, the zero interest rate policy, which relieves the budget enormously. "

As early as September, Boehringer complained that Scholz's budget proposal contained many "unconsidered risks" such as unconditional ground rent, "Brexit" additional costs, higher EU payments, rising migration costs and the solidarity surcharge. Also, expenses for climate protection are not yet included in the new federal budget. All this was a failure of Finance Minister Scholz.

Is the euro crisis coming?

The AfD budget politician, who sits in the Bundestag since 2017, warned in Braunschweig to Sputnik of an upcoming currency and euro crisis:

"The German government is always paying and has been saving the euro for more than ten years. The euro was in fact in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 at the end and is already dead, "said the AfD financial expert. "Since then, the euro has been clinically kept alive. Statutes of the ECB are no longer respected at all, "he criticized both the former head of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi, and his successor Christine Lagarde. "She said almost a decade ago: 'To save the euro, we had to break all the rules.' Now she's the official boss, and we know exactly what to expect: even more rule breaks, even more so than with Draghi. I have a fear: that this money, which is irresponsibly printed out of nothing, can buy in unimagined orders of magnitude the euro again three to five years. "

But that the euro as "unstable currency" will collapse sometime in the foreseeable future, is relatively safe. Currently, the negative and zero interest rate policy is "extremely dramatic. German savers really get nothing left for their money. "

Assessments on the AFD Party Congress in Braunschweig

With the federal party convention of the AfD in Braunschweig, which ended on Sunday evening, Boehringer showed "very satisfied. All elected speakers can represent us well. It is also very balanced between East and West and also between the so-called camps. Professor Meuthen is proven. Tino Chrupalla is the successor of Alexander Gauland and in my view a good choice. The election (in the AfD Federal Board, Note d. Red.) By colleague Stephan Brandner was very happy. He was unfairly dismissed as chairman of the Legal Committee because he probably did his job too well. Alice Weidel was also out of competition because everyone expects her to do the job wonderfully. "

The radio interview with Peter Boehringer (AfD) to listen to:

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