A "spectrum" captured by a surveillance camera in the United States – video



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A surveillance camera recording caught the attention of Internet users for a special reason: on the sequences, a white and diaphanous silhouette appears in the middle of the night. While the author of the video speaks of a ghost, some are more skeptical.

The facts took place on October 19, at 1:46, in the garden of an American. Internet user u / cannabistea13 has posted a surveillance camera recording on the Reddit forum claiming that it shows a ghost.

"My mom's colleague noticed a ghost on her security images at her home! Zoom into the lollipop lamp on the back and increase the sound. What do you think? ", He wrote.

On the video, top right: a thick white silhouette forms around the lamp and begins to move.

What aroused the Internet users is the form and the way the "thing" moves. Although several members of the forum got their dose of fear, others showed their more rational side, evoking the version of a montage or the intervention of an automatic sprinkler whose droplets would have been carried by the wind.

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