A Salvadoran politician remembers that the FMLN always defended relations with China


SAN SALVADOR (Sputnik) – The opposition Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN, left) always defended El Salvador's relations with China, even when the other parties questioned the rupture with Taiwan, political leader Medardo Gonzalez told Sputnik.

"The FMLN stood firm in the opening of relations with China, something that the other parties and even the current president then questioned" Nayib Bukele, told Sputnik Gonzalez, who was General Secretary of the Front between 2006 and 2019.

In August of last year, the then president Salvador Sanchez Ceren (2014-2019) sent Gonzalez to China to represent him in the official ceremony of restoration of diplomatic relations, a measure longed for by the left-wing Salvadoran formation since his first term in charge of the Government (2009-2014).
"We always bet on a foreign policy of openness to the world, and thus we established ties with Cuba, Vietnam, Russia, and without doubt with China, but then Beijing's relationship with Taipei was going through a good moment, and it would not have been convenient or political affect that closeness, "Gonzalez estimated.

With the departure of power in 2016 from the Kuomitang Party (KMT, left) in Taiwan, the tension between mainland China and the former island of Formosa returned, and the Asian power resumed the flag of "One China" to establish relations with Central American nations such as :

  • Costa Rica,
  • Panama,
  • Dominican Republic,
  • and more recently El Salvador.

The night that Sanchez Ceren announced in a message to the nation the rupture with Taiwan and the establishment of ties with China, Gonzalez was already in Beijing to be part of the act, in keeping with the friendship that already existed between the FMLN and the Communist Party Chinese.

"As a member of the FMLN and a member of his previous leadership, I feel very satisfied that this important step was taken, which brings multiple economic and social benefits to a nation as small and underdeveloped as El Salvador," added Gonzalez, known as commander Milton Mendez during the internal armed conflict (1980-1992), when the Front was a guerrilla.

The politician, now in charge of coordinating relations with social movements from the FMLN, said that the benefits go beyond the material and encompass the cultural, educational and social, such as ratify a series of signed agreements This week by President Bukele with his counterpart and host Xi Jinping, during an official visit to China.
Bukele, who went from criticizing the opening of relations with China and questioning his business practices to claim the recently signed agreements, assured that all this cooperation was managed during his term, which began on June 1.

"We are pleased that China has great gestures that will benefit the Salvadoran people, it is a great achievement and good management, but at the same time we want to remember that these relationships were made possible by the firmness of the FMLN to establish and defend them," Gonzalez said.

The presidential delegation of El Salvador will travel this December 4 to the city of Shanghai (east), where on the 5th Bukele will meet with local investors, as part of an Asian tour that began in Japan and will continue in Qatar.

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