A number of ambassadors boycotted the Nobel Rites in Stockholm


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Media: Albanian, Turkish, Croatian and Kosovo ambassadors boycotted the 2019 Nobel Prize for Literature in awarding Austrian author Peter Handka with the award.

Traditionally, heads of all embassies in Stockholm are invited to the event, according to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper. The reason the ambassadors refused to attend the event was that Hanke had supported Serbs during the war in the former Yugoslav territory.

Former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic's policy led to a war in the former Yugoslavia that killed thousands and continued instability in the region, the Croatian ambassador to Sweden quoted Ria Novosti as saying.

"This award is out of politics, and regardless of political considerations, the winner will receive it," the Nobel Committee chairman said.

Austrian playwright, writer, poet and writer Peter Handke was born on December 6, 1942. He became famous for his novel "The Eleventh Goalkeeper's Fear", which was later filmed by Wim Wenders. The German filmmaker filmed four more scenes of handwritten screenplays, including Sky Over Berlin.

The awards ceremony was held on December 10 in Stockholm on the day of the death of Swedish businessman and inventor Alfred Nobel (1833-1833).

Each of the Nobel Prizes this year equals SEK 9 million (over US $ 900,000).

Sputnik had previously reported that the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for producing lithium-ion batteries.

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