A booby-trapped explosion precedes a meeting of the leaders of "Turkmen" organizations in northern Syria



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A number of people, including a number of militants of the Turkmen (Syrian) organizations of the Turkish army, were killed by a car bomb in Ras al-Ain city in the northern countryside of al-Hasakah ahead of a military meeting of the leaders of these factions.

The correspondent of "Sputnik" in the province of Al-Hasakah that a car bomb in white color exploded in front of the building of the Cultural Center (formerly), which turned the Syrian Turkmen organizations, belonging to the Turkish army, to its military headquarters.

Civil sources told Sputnik that the car was parked on the Corniche Road in Ras Al-Ain. The explosion killed and wounded a number of civilians, including children, in addition to the death of a number of Syrian militants loyal to Turkey.

The reporter that the bombing occurred before a meeting of the leaders of armed groups loyal to the Turkish army, was scheduled to be held in the building of the so-called "military police" of the Turkmen factions (cultural center).

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