15-year-old boy was threatened and subjected to sexual abuse by Ozgecan Aslan


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15-year-old high school student in Mersin, kidnapped by a person and claimed that he was sexually abused for 3 days. Ozgecan Aslan's daughter was told that she had been intimidated and threatened with her family and wanted to be punished.

Center of Mersin Taurus 2nd year high school student Z.G.K. (15) alleged that he had been deceived and threatened by a fairly large person. Detained for 3 days and many times during this period. sexual abuse Z.G.K claiming that the call, mobile phone from his friend's mother ‘Save me’He said he wanted help, was found and rescued by the police who detected where the phone signal came from. Z.G.K said that he and his mother went to the Child Monitoring Center in the following period but there were no complaints.Because he threatened me with my family. He said my uncle would harm his youngest son. I didn't complain because I didn't want anyone to get hurt because of me. Then I told my parents and now I'm complaining. Have him pay. I want this to stay with no one.Kul he said.

'' I can't even tell myself what's inside ''

Z.G.K stated that Ozgecan Aslan was frightened by telling the story of his experiences and that he still carries the traces of the horrors he has experienced.I can't sleep at all. I can't even tell myself what's inside. I can't tell you that I can't tell myself. I'm scared and I'm still scared. I feel like they're coming through the door. Sometimes I see them looking at my father. I'm completely psyched. For three days, every evening they come to my mind. Ne What would have happened to them if they hadn't found me? Orum I think. I can't sleep at night, I hug my sister. I was delirious in the evening" said.

Dim I promised myself, I will be a cop ”

Z.G.K stated that his family has been very good after him.All I want to do now is go to my school. They came across me on my way to school, my parents put me on open education in case something happened. My sister, my brothers are going to school, I can't and I feel very bad. I want to go to school. I want to be a cop. Because what may have happened to me, maybe others will. I want to reach out to people who can't speak. I made a promise to myself; I'il be a cop. I want those people to come in and the other people to breathe easily.”He said.

Family filed a criminal complaint

The family, who filed a criminal complaint with the Mersin Public Prosecutor's Office about a month ago after their daughter's experiences, lawnHe also filed a petition and reported his complaint. The family is now awaiting the outcome of both complaints. Anne Nergis K. said that her child disappeared, that they couldn't find her for three days and that she was later kidnapped.I took my child, but how did I? I didn't know what I was going through in three days. Kidnappers have been out there for a month. For three days, I didn't know if my child was alive or dead. I want help from justice. My child is burned, other parents' children do not burn, such an event should not. I'm a plaintiff and I want these people to serve their sentences. He raped my kid by watching Ozgecan's video. I want to do what is necessary”.

Father Dervis K. said, adalet I want justice from our elders. I want these people to serve their sentences ”.

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