14th Guarantors Meeting on Syria started at Nursultan


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on Syria in Kazakhstan's capital Nur Sultan 14th Meeting of the Guarantor, Turkey, and Russia continues with bilateral and trilateral talks with Iran delegation of the Syrian government and military opposition.

On the second day of the meeting held at Rixos President Astana Hotel, Turkey, Iranian, Russia with delegations Bashar Jafari Syrian delegation, military opposition and observer country delegations Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon Bilateral and tripartite negotiations began.

The Turkish delegation, led by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, met with the military opposition delegation at 07:00 CEST.

The Turkish delegation had a tripartite meeting with the Russian and Iranian delegations. Meeting of Guarantors, Turkey, and Russia continues with Bashar al-Assad regime and bilateral and trilateral talks with Iran delegation of military opposition. Syrian Special Representative Geir O. Pedersen It is planned to come together in four formats.

The Russian delegation is chaired by President Vladimir Putin's Special Representative in Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, and the Iranian delegation is headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Asgar Haji.

Russian and Iranian delegations are also expected to hold bilateral talks with the regime and UN delegations.

The final declaration is expected to be announced at 11:00 CEST

Representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, representatives of the Red Cross, as well as delegations from Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon participate as observers.

The final session will be read at 11:00 CEST.

The agenda of the meeting is the intensification of comprehensive humanitarian assistance to Syria in the context of the return of refugees to their homes, including confidence-building measures, including the release of prisoners and the search for losses, and the discussion of initiatives necessary to hold international conferences, and the furthering of the political process in the light of the start of the work of the Constitutional Committee.

Turkey, Astana-format talks between Russia and Iran, 2017'n's done since January.

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