Yemeni minister: new agreement gives the Arab coalition full legitimacy to govern the country


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The new agreement between the renowned Yemeni government and the separatists operating in the south of the country gives the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia "full legitimacy" to govern Yemen, warned Yemeni transport minister Saleh Yabuani.

"The agreement signed yesterday (November 5) granted the coalition full legitimacy to govern the country," the minister tweeted.

He told Yabuani that the "coalition to protect the rule of law became the rule of law."

The Government of Yemen, headed by President Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi, and the separatists signed an agreement on the termination of the military confrontation on 5 November in Riyadh.

The agreement stipulates the creation of a government made up of 24 ministers, representatives of both the northern and southern provinces.

The president would be responsible for appointing the ministers after consultations with the prime minister and the main political forces.

In addition, the pact provides that the dependence of all military and security forces in the country be transferred to the Ministry of Defense and its withdrawal is carried out under the control of the Arab coalition operating in Yemen.

The document also stipulates that Transition Council forces will return within 15 days to the positions they occupied before facilities were taken in the south, while security forces will be deployed in their place under the control of local authorities.

All troops will be subject to the Ministry of Defense and their transfer will be carried out under the control of the military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The parties also agreed to resolve the problem of the status of South Yemen through negotiations.

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