Yellow Vest Assembly votes junction at December 5 strike


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At their assembly meeting in Montpellier, the Yellow Vests voted, overwhelmingly, in favor of the idea of ​​joining the strike against the pension reform scheduled for December 5.

The Yellow Vests, gathered since Friday for their Assembly of the assemblies in Montpellier, voted Sunday a proposal to join the strike of December 5 against the reform of the pensions, reports the AFP, referring to its journalist.

The call to join the December 5th strike was adopted by an overwhelming majority in a plenary vote.

From Friday and until Sunday, some 600 yellow vests representing 200 delegations of roundabouts are gathered in a disused museum of Montpellier, to evoke the continuation of their movement, almost a year after the beginning of their mobilization, on November 17, 2018 .

"The time is at the convergence with the world of work and its network of thousands of trade unionists who, like us, do not accept," they also said in a press release.

The CGT, FO, the FSU and Solidaires organize "a first day" of interprofessional strike on December 5 against the pension reform, joining several unions of the RATP – including the CFE-CGC – and the SNCF.

"The Assembly of Assemblies of Montpellier calls the Yellow Vests to be at the heart of this movement, with their own demands and aspirations, their workplaces or their roundabouts, with their vests clearly visible!" .

"December 5th is an important date that we all have been waiting for a long time," said Severine, 54, one of the yellow Vests.

"Our movement started from the grassroots and we started a radical movement so that people would not let it go," she continued.

The Yellow Vests have also announced that the next "Assembly of Assemblies" will be held in Toulouse, at a date yet undetermined, says the news agency.

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