Which French cities create the most jobs?


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A study conducted by Arthur Loyd has identified the French cities that have created the most jobs since 2014. Logically, it is Paris who occupies the first place in the ranking, but the result may surprise.

Just months before the municipal elections, Arthur Loyd, a real estate consulting firm, has ranked the cities that have created the most jobs since 2014, according to data from Acoss (Central Agency of Social Security Agencies). . Some cities have been very dynamic and have promoted the development of "suburban cities" around them. Thus, after Paris, it turns out that it is in Lyon that the most jobs were created.

Indeed, as the precise Le FigaroLyon has created many new jobs (+27,800 new jobs between 2014 and 2018), thanks in large part to its major urban projects and the revaluation of certain neighborhoods, which have favored the creation of new businesses. Among the good surprises are Toulouse and Nantes, which respectively created 17,900 and 14,500 jobs. Less good students, Marseille and Lille, although being large cities, have managed to create respectively 10,000 and 8,000 jobs.

The cities of Strasbourg, Rennes and Nice have reversed a significant trend, says Le Figaro. While they destroyed jobs during the six-year period 2008-2014, they began to recreate jobs for the past six years, leaving several thousand people out of work.

While the role of mayors in this improvement of the economic situation is not to be neglected, it should be noted that these benefited from a more favorable context between 2014 and 2017, "a clear improvement compared to the previous mandate which had was marked by the economic recession of 2009 ", says LCI.

The suburbs, the largest employer in France

According to the report, it is in the suburbs that the growth in the number of jobs created has been the strongest: nearly two-thirds of new jobs in the last ten years come from these areas, or 648,000 jobs. "The suburbs have thus become the largest employer in France, with nearly 8.7 million jobs in the private sector", says Le Figaro.

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