What causes smoking hookah for 45 minutes


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Smoking a hookah or shisha contributes to the many risks that it becomes more effective in the period of time that is smoked and how long it takes the smoker.

Oleg Kotoshev, head of the Moscow Tobacco Prevention and Treatment Center and non-chemical credentials, spoke of the dangers of hookah smoking. "Cigarettes are smoked for a short time, and shisha for at least an hour, so the hookah has a long-term detrimental effect on the body," he said.

He pointed out that the hookah causes more damage than cigarettes, and explained that smoking hookah for 45 minutes, leads to the consumption of a large amount of carbon monoxide and nicotine, greater than those in the pack of cigarettes.

He added that this leads to increased heart rates and blood pressure in addition to disrupting the work of the lung and increase the risk of pneumonia, as smokers suffer from low physical endurance, and fainting and carbon monoxide poisoning is the most prevalent in the world.

The doctor also warned against the transmission of diseases and viruses during the circulation of one hookah for more than one person, even if this was done by replacing a new nozzle, because viruses are also present in the tube itself and difficult to disinfect in cafes or restaurants.

"Smoking in an unprepared or poorly ventilated room has an indirect effect on tobacco smoke," he said.

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