"We are going to crash": a plane passenger forces the crew to make a stopover


A passenger on a flight from the Dominican Republic to New York caused a forced stopover in Florida after shouting that the plane was going to crash at sea.

An unidentified woman is behind an incident aboard a JetBlue plane linking the Dominican Republic to New York, which eventually had to turn to another destination. She began to claim that the plane was about to crash, warning passengers that they were all "in the water", and the plane was forced to temporarily land in Florida, say several local media.

A video recorded on a mobile phone shows the woman, wearing a black tank top, shouting that everyone was in danger. She kept shouting as agents escorted her out of the plane.

Possibly suffering from mental disorders

"You do not believe me? We will crash! Do you believe me? We will crash! Watch your screens! We're in the water! "The woman screamed.

It is unclear how long the flight was delayed in Florida but was then allowed to continue on to New York. According to the local WSVN media, after being taken off the plane, the woman was taken to a doctor to assess her mental health.

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