Video … Syrian guided missiles hunt "Turkestan" vehicles on the Turkish border


Syrian fire continues to cover the entire area of ​​the northern countryside of Latakia, adjacent to the Turkish border, by targeting the positions of “Nusra” militants.

The fireworks not only hit the headquarters and stationary fortifications, but also the movements of individuals and vehicles in the mountains and hills and on the front lines of the front which is witnessing escalation and development, especially after hundreds of gunmen attempted days before the attack on the axis of the town (Kansba) in order to control the hills and ruling positions.

A field source told the Sputnik correspondent that the Syrian army expanded its artillery and missile strikes, which recently hit mountainous hills and rugged areas that are contact lines on the northern and northeastern fronts on the border with Turkey, in addition to Syrian-Russian air activity which targets the vital depth of the militants "Turkestan" Chinese leading to Idlib countryside.

The source added that "a number of armed men of Asian origin were killed, and their bodies remained in a four-wheel drive vehicle carrying ammunition to one of their advanced points, after being targeted by a guided missile, while destroying the air missiles Dashm including militants in the hills of Sindo Abu Dahdouh and Syriatel And opposite the Syrian army points in the citadel of Chlef and Tubal. "

Syrian ground units are still stationed near the strategic hills of Kabani to capture and free them from hundreds of Turkish fighters holed up in deep tunnels and basements for fear of air and ground fire affecting their open movements.

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