Van Governor's Office: Action and event ban extended by 15 days


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All actions and activities in Van, once again banned for 15 days. The ban on action and activity, which has been in force since November 21, 2016, was once again extended with this decision.

The ban lasted 84 thousand days Van'in Governorship The following statement was issued on the prohibition extended by:

"To prevent the incidents of attacks with the actions that are directly and explicitly constituted by the conditions of restriction and prohibition stipulated in our constitution and laws, to ensure the safety of life and property of our citizens, to eliminate the plans of terrorist organizations, to ensure the national security, the protection of public order and security, the prevention of crime, and for the protection of freedoms and rights and freedoms of others and the general order and prevention of the spread of violent incidents; All kinds of activities and activities such as march, open air meeting, press release, sitting action, opening a booth, signing campaign, survey, setting up a tent, distributing leaflets, etc. are prohibited. "

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