US drone spying operations near Russian border


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The US Air Force's RQ-4B Global Hawk Strategic UAV made a multi-hour reconnaissance flight near the Russian border in the Black Sea.

According to Sputnik, information published on Western air surveillance websites indicates this.

According to preliminary information, a drone with a score of 20-2048 flying from Sigonella Air Base in Sicily, Italy, performed the identification. The aircraft was flying for seven hours along the Russian coast in Crimea.

The UAV was flying at 16:05 hours last night at a height of 16,000 meters, 45 to 60 kilometers off the Russian coast, and was approaching the deployment of the S-400 missile defense system in Crimea during its flight.

The E-8C Joint STARS Battle Management Plane and the US Air Force's ARCI-135 Identification Aircraft October 21 made long flights near the Kaliningrad area.

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