Unveiling of Kian 6 tanker car in Iran + photo


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This morning, at the Martyr Zarrhne Optimization Center, the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, Major General Seyed Abdul Rahim Mousavi, commander of the Iranian Army at the Martyr Zarrhne Optimization Center, unveiled the Qian 7 tanker car.

The Kian 2 tanker, powered by a 4-hp engine and a 5-tonne lethal power, is capable of carrying a 2-tonne tanker on the Suleiman-1's heavy-duty lethal tank.

The tank weighs 1,800 kg and has a number of axles of 1 + 1 and 2 gears.

Also, Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Reconstruction and Reconstruction Line "Chisayne", Recursion and Recovery Line "Scorpin", Suicide Bombers Reconstruction and Heavy Equipment Recovery Line, Optical Supplies Recovery Line and Zahren Trailer Center Reconstruction Line. visited.

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