Turkey's deportation of family members of the ISID, will stand trial in London


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Turkey's deportation of family members of the ISID, will appear in court today in London.

In a written statement from the British police, the 26-year-old ISIS militant Mahmun Rashit, detained at Heathrow Airport on Thursday, will be tried on charges of preparing for a terrorist attack.

In a statement, Rashid's Court of First Instance will be removed today.

In reports in the British press that caught trying to cross into Syria via Turkey and it was given the knowledge that Rashid's deportation.

Turkey Interior Ministry said in a statement on Thursday, six German nationals, nationals of the United Kingdom announced that seven foreign nationals, including one sent to the terrorists in the country.

It is stated that about 900 British have joined ISIS in Syria and Iraq. It is known that about half of them voluntarily returned to the country, and some of them are under close surveillance of the British security forces.

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