Turkey Catch the Baghdadi's wife, 'Isidor gave the secrets'


Speaking to the AFP, a Turkish official said that Baghdadi's first wife had received a lot of intelligence on the internal functioning of ISIS.

US President Donald Trump's statement that they killed ISIS leader Ebubekir al Baghdadi in Syria's Idlib province. While French news agency AFP Ankara investigated what it might have achieved.

Earlier, Erdogan's statement on the German news agency dpa, Baghdadi's first wife Esma Feysi Muhammed al Kubeysi'nin June 2, 2018, along with 10 ISIS suspects reported that the capture of Hatay.

AFP said that Ankara had obtained broad intelligence on the internal functioning of ISIS from Baghdadi's first wife, relying on a Turkish official who did not want his name to be disclosed.

The Turkish official said about Esma Feysi Muhammad al-Kubaysi:

"We quickly discovered his true identity. At that point, he voluntarily gave a lot of intelligence about Baghdadi and ISIS. We have already had the opportunity to confirm many things we already know. At the same time, we have acquired new intelligence that allows us to make a series of arrests elsewhere."

According to a statement from Ankara Baghdadi's first wife, Asma, except Turkey-Syria Azez the border Baghdadi's daughter Leyla Algebra, 65-year-old sister picture to Avad, her husband, daughter and fifth child was caught.

Official Avad also provided intelligence to Ankara said. Speaking to the Associated Press (AP), a Turkish source referred to Baghdadi's sister as a 'gold mine' for intelligence.

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