Trump to publish transcripts of his second meeting with Zelensky


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US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that he will publish a second meeting with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy, who led an investigation against him.

"They want the breakdown of the other interview, the second interview. I'm ready to provide it, we'll probably give you the break on Tuesday, because it's a Monday holiday," Trump told reporters at the Joint Base Andrews airbase before moving to the state of Alabama. said.

Zelenskiy Trump, who gave information that he actually made two phone calls, one in April and the other in July, said, "Read the second dump and tell me if there is anything wrong." he said.

The transcripts belong to the telephone call in April.

The White House published the breakdown of the July meeting, and the casts expected to be released on Tuesday belong to the April telephone conversation.

The first of the public hearings in the dismissal investigation against Trump will begin on Wednesday next week.

On the other hand, the Republicans want to hear as the witness of the former vice president and 2020 presidential election candidate Democrat candidate Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden.

Rejection investigation against Trump

US President Trump, in a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy in July, Zelenskiy'e rival Joe Biden and his family in the case of investigating the US allegedly told the country would help.

The Democrats at the US Congress also launched a dismissal investigation on these allegations.

Trump, on the other hand, argued that his meeting with Zelensky was entirely procedural, but it was noteworthy that he had announced that $ 400m of military and financial assistance to Ukraine had been suspended before the telephone conversation.

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