Trump calls on North Korean leader Kim: You have to make the deal, see you soon


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US President Donald Trump addressed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and said, "You have to hurry and get the deal. See you soon." said.

Trump, 2020 presidential race, the Democratic rival Joe Biden'e "rabies dog" metaphor of the North Korean State Agency KCNA'nın sharing, called Kim Jong Un'a Twitter.

Referring to the analogy about Biden, Trump said, "Mr. President, Biden is sleepy and can be quite slow, but not a rabid dog. Somehow better than him. I'm the only one who will bring you to the point where you want to come. You have to hurry and get the deal. See you soon." used the phrase.

Trump's statement drew reaction from the US media.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden of the US 2020 presidential race insulted Kim at a rally and criticized Trump's North Korean policy.

On top of that, the North Korean State Agency KCNA described Biden as "a rabid dog that should be culled with a stick", arguing that Biden unjustly made North Korea a target.

– Washington was given until the end of the year

Negotiations between North Korea and the United States in Sweden on October 5 were cut on the first day, unless the Pyongyang administration took a satisfactory step to change the hostile approach of the US side, North Korea announced that it had no intention of resuming "bored negotiations".

Kim, the North Korean Chief Negotiator, has given Washington time by the end of the year, stating that the resumption of the negotiation process depends on the US position.

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