Thousands of protesters blocked major roads across Pakistan in an attempt to overthrow the prime minister


ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Protests erupted in Pakistan on Thursday demanding the ouster of Prime Minister Imran Khan and protesters blocked major roads in the country.

Protesters blocked the main road linking the capital, Kabul, to Islamabad, severely disrupting traffic in the country.
The Pakistani authorities were able to mitigate the damage by diverting roads in many places, with reports of similar protests in the city of Jacobabad, Sindh province, which connects the province with Baluchistan and Punjab.

The protests were the first test of Khan's leadership, elected a year ago on a platform of anti-corruption and economic reform.

The Pakistani government considered it able to overcome the crisis, and Minister Fuad Chaudhry told a news conference on Thursday that the picket in Islamabad "did not work."

The protests began in the southern city of Karachi, led by the leader of the conservative Jamaat-e-Islami party, Fazlur Rahman, at the Azadi march on October 27.

Thousands of protesters flocked to the capital, Islamabad, on March 31 and took to the highway, paralyzing the city.

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