This is what makes an autistic brain special


People with excessively symmetrical brains may have mental disorders, including some forms of autism, according to a new study.

The consortium scientists ENIGMA (English acronym for improvement of neuroimaging genetics through meta-analysis) collected decades of brain scans of more than 1,700 individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and more than 1,800 Without this diagnosis. The study was published in Nature Communications.
The researchers compared the thickness of key parts of the cerebral cortex and discovered that the hemispheres of those of autistic people varied physiologically very little each.
These differences turned out not to depend too much on the sex of the patient, his medication or his IQ. As it does not depend on any of these factors, it is more likely that there is something in the autistic brains that explains why the hemispheres are so symmetrical. Some of the differences, for example, were detected in the brain areas that work most intensively at times of rest and rest.

He autism It is a condition that alters a person's ability to socialize, communicate with others and process stimuli. Given the complexity of the disease, it is difficult to identify the neurological differences that characterize and define it.

Although the results of the study are relevant, the differences found in the brains of these patients are inconclusive, so further studies will be necessary, as the authors of the research have emphasized.

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