This is how they react in Latin America to the liberation of Lula


Several politicians and organizations in the region have spoken out about Lula's release from prison.

"The people of Venezuela are happy and greet the freedom of Brother Lula da Silva, with happiness, may Brazil live, may Lula live, may the union of America live," said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro during an act at the Miraflores Palace (seat of Government), broadcast on radio and television networks.

Maduro said that after the release of Lula, the foundations of the union in Latin America must be rebuilt.
"We must rebuild the foundations of the union of Latin America and the Caribbean, the foundations in tolerance, in the union, in diversity, we will always be diverse, but an ultra-right was imposed on the fully ideologized continent, an ultra-right led by the Government of Colombia, its president Ivan Duque, who has come to break the union of Latin America, "he said.

"A new stage in the historic politics of Brazil begins with the fact of having fellow Lula da Silva released, we must also recognize the level of mobilization of the Brazilian people, who managed to maintain pressure, public opinion, say mobilized in function of justice being done, "the member of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Venezuela Julio Chavez told Sputnik.

Chavez, a member of the ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV), considered that Lula was subjected to a politicized judicial process.

"All that action was against the human rights of fellow Lula da Silva, he was subjected to a highly politicized judicial process, where all his rights were really violated, where there really was no forceful evidence that evidenced any act of corruption," he said.

For the constituent, the release of the ex-president "exposes the contradiction of the injustice that exists within the Brazilian judiciary, which responds fundamentally to political guidelines."
Chavez said that Lula da Silva's freedom revives the hopes of the Brazilian people.
"We celebrate this late vindication of Brazilian justice, and the beginning of a political career that should take him back to the presidency of Brazil (…) this resurgence of progressive movements, the resurgence of revolutionary, popular leaderships, as in the case de Lula da Silva, materializes an important stage that is being lived in Latin America, "he said.

The elected president of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, and his formula partner, ex-president Cristina Fernandez (2007-2015), celebrated the release of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

"It moves Lula's strength to face this persecution (only that definition fits the arbitrary judicial process to which he was subjected). His strength demonstrates not only the commitment but the immensity of that man. Long live Lula Libre," wrote the elected president of Argentina in your Twitter social network account.

The Argentine president also expressed in that social network about the release of the Brazilian ex-president.

"One of the biggest aberrations of lawfare in Latin America ends today: the illegitimate deprivation of liberty of the former president of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva," Fernandez wrote.

"We are very happy to know that justice was finally done for Lula and for the Brazilian people. Long live the just struggles of the people! Today Brazil shows us that people who fight, win," the Salvadoran parliamentary group of the Farabundo Marti Front published for the National Liberation (FMLN, left) in your Twitter social network account.

Nidia Diaz, head of the Front bench and signatory of the 1992 Peace Accords, added in her social networks that "the truth prevailed" in the case of Lula, whose defenders always insisted on the political nature of the process against the leader of the Workers Party.

After the release of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the government of President Jair Bolsonaro is expected to respect the autonomy of the Judiciary and finally do justice, Marco Arana, former Peruvian congressman and leader of the Frente Amplio party (left) told Sputnik .

"Unlike many other politicians in the region who fled from justice or sought to hinder it, Lula, like most citizens of the Brazilian people, has submitted to justice. We hope that, being in power a fascist president like Bolsonaro , the autonomy and independence of the Brazilian judiciary is maintained and that former president Lula finds justice, "said Arana.

The politician also indicated that the sentence that frees Lula "is part of the guarantees of a fair process", granted by the trust that the former head of state had towards the justice system of his country.

"Political leaders, even more so if we are from the left, we know that as Henry D. Thoreau (American philosopher, considered the father of civil disobedience) said: 'Under a government that unjustly imprisons, the right place for a just man is also the prison ', "said the Peruvian leader.

"Welcome to freedom, fellow Lula. We continue to fight for decent life in Latin America and the peace of the continent. Our America will win!" The Colombian left-wing FARC party posted on its Twitter account.

Also, through that social network, the FARC trusted that "the extreme right government of (Jair) Bolsonaro does not sabotage his innocence anymore," and said that "the truth sooner or later is known and Lula wins the assembly in against him. "

Argentine former soccer player Diego Armando Maradona celebrated the release of Lula.

"Justice was done today," was the brief message that the current coach of the Argentine club Gimnasia y Esgrima published on his Instagram account, and accompanied with an image in which he is embraced by the Brazilian ex-president.

The relationship between the former soccer player and the leftist leader was born in 2005, the year in which Maradona also approached the late Venezuelan former president Hugo Chavez (1999-2013).
In January 2018, when Lula was about to face a key judicial hearing, Maradona also posted a message on Instagram that said "Lula dear, Diego is with you", accompanied by a photo in which he shows a shirt of the Brazilian national team with dorsal 18 and the name "Lula".
For his part, one of the sons of the Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, the councilor of Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Bolsonaro, asked his followers for "patience and intelligence" after Lula was released from prison.

"Brazil no longer accepts the show of the criminals of the Workers Party (PT), the Brazilian Communist Party (PCdoB), the Socialist Party and Freedom (PSOL), etc; patience and intelligence! I know things will soon change "the councilor wrote on his Twitter account.

Another of the president's sons, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, criticized the release of Lula without mentioning him, regretting the decision of the Supreme Court that he considers unconstitutional to begin serving a sentence when there is still the possibility of resources, which allowed the ex-president to leave .

In his opinion, for attending to the interests of the Brazilian left, the Supreme Court will be releasing thousands of prisoners.

"They poop on the head of society, ignoring the risk of releasing 160,000 prisoners; don't forget the" latrocides "(sic), who commit their crimes regardless of whether the victim is from the right or from the left (…) ask for prison for the murderers of Marielle but want to release the bandits of their parties, a joke, "he criticized.

President Jair Bolsonaro, for the time being, avoided ruling on Lula's release from prison.

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